The best type of vehicle for transporting a G3 has a flat loading bay. This includes estate cars, SUVs and vans amongst others.

A hatchback is never ideal, as a large lip at the bottom of the hatch will need to be addressed in some way – some owners have installed a board to lift the boot floor to ensure the buggy does not “ground out” as it reaches the top of the ramps.

The track of the buggy is 33″; realistically, you will need some clearance either side of that. You will need a width of around 34″ where there is a flat surface to rest the loading ramps on to get the buggy into the vehicle. All of the dimensions of the G3 when folded are in another FAQ.

The lower the load height the easier it will be to load the buggy – estate cars and vans are absolutely ideal. The advantage a van always has is that (other than sometimes needing the bag carrier to be removed) the buggy can be loaded without any folding down.

Firstly, remove the bag carrier located at the front of the G3 by removing the green plastic nut on the bottom bracket, and the black plastic headed bolt on the top bracket. Pull the bottom bracket away from the golf buggy, and lift the bag carrier off.
Secondly, remove the green plastic nut located at the bottom of the yellow spring under the seat, and then remove the bolt. Lift the seat slightly, and the seat stay / yellow spring assembly will fix under the seat with the magnet located there. Lower the seat – you may wish to protect the bodywork with a cloth.
Finally, lift the toggle located halfway down the steering column. When it is vertical, pivot it forwards, then push it across to the left (looking from in front of the G3). The handlebar assembly will now fold to rest on the body – again, you may wish to protect it with a cloth.

No, we do not. Your G3 will need to returned to our workshop for us to work on it, and you will need to arrange that – either bringing it yourself, or using a courier service such as Shiply. When you call us we will provide you with a quote for returning your G3 to you on a pallet.

We are normally open from Monday to Thursday, but always give us a call before visiting us to arrange an appointment so that you avoid a wasted journey.

Best time to contact our sales number is before 1.00pm

The G3 can always be viewed at our Warrington premises. Give us a call for alternative viewing locations that may suit you better.

The G3 is designed so that the batteries are charged in situ. If you do need to remove the batteries to charge them for whatever reason, we can supply an appropriate lead to connect them to the charger out of the buggy.

No. We have had detailed discussions with HMRC and their definitive answer is that golf buggies are not eligible for VAT relief regardless of an individual’s circumstances. The relevant HMRC helpsheet can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/vat-relief-on-certain-goods-if-you-have-a-disability

Please pay particular attention to the ‘mobility scooter’ section.

 Two years is a realistic lifespan for a set of batteries, although we have personally seen batteries which are over four years old and still going strong. We offer a 12 month warranty on the batteries in all new buggies, and on all replacement batteries we sell.

We will consider taking a G3 in part exchange, but not any other buggy.

The G3 is only available in green.

Yes. We carry a full range of spares for the G3, and can service or repair your G3 at our premises in Warrington by arrangement.

Yes. This is a full parts and labour warranty for 12 months from date of purchase on all new Fairway Rider G3 buggies. If a buggy needs to come back to us for attention under the terms of the warranty the customer is responsible for transport costs.

We recommend charging it after each use; the G3 may stop charging before the end of the full 10-12 hours (suggested as the maximum time to leave the batteries on charge). If you do not use your G3 for an extended period, it should be charged up monthly.

No. We recommend that the G3 is charged for a maximum of 10 – 12 hours; a readily available timer switch which can be purchased from B&Q etc. to turn the power off after that time.

36 holes on a single charge.

No. The G3 is fitted as standard with 6 x 12volt 20Ah AGM gel batteries. They are integral to providing stability to the G3, as they are fitted centrally and low-down in the chassis giving it a low centre of gravity.

110kg including batteries; the batteries weigh 42kg.

Width 33” length 52” height (folded) 24”.