What People Are Saying

I have been using my Fairway Rider G3 now for a few months and have found it to be extremely robust and reliable, a thoroughly good machine. It has enabled me to continue to play golf, and generates much interest and admiration among club members. Many Many thanks. Peter Williams  

Peter Williams, Launceston - Fairway Rider G3 Customer

Due to worsening spinal arthritis, I have had to use a buggy for some time. I wanted something that didn’t look like a disabled vehicle, but that did the job. The Fairway Rider G3 is just the best choice for me. For a reasonable outlay, it will pay for itself in about 2 years; ( I play about 2-3 times per week). Friends, and folk I’ve never met before, stop me at my club, to ask me about it. Many of the men call it my Harley Davidson! Aside from the obvious financial benefit, it’s fun and easy to use, and really does allow the user to be part of the chitchat and banter with fellow players. A standard buggy just doesn’t permit that closeness. I am such a fan of this buggy, I could sell them. Then there’s the team. Shaun is a great first port of call. Helpful -not pushy - and enthusiastic. Martin, the technical man , is also kind, non-patronising, and really knowledgeable. Neither are they just about the initial sale. Post sale questions are rapidly sorted and responded to by return. Overall, I can’t recommend the G3 highly enough, and the team who import, construct, sell, and manage an ever growing number of units in the UK. They thoroughly deserve their success. Margaret L Berry OBE

Margaret L Berry OBE - Fairway Rider G3 Customer